Old Timer Knives

On July 30th, 2004, the production of Old Timer Knives came to a conclusion. The Imperial Schrade Corporation had been manufacturing Old Timer Pocket Knives for over a century. However, a hole was left in the pocket knife market and Taylor Brands LLC purchased the intellectual property rights to the brand.Production started once again, Taylor Brands kept the legacy honest and recreated the original patterns. This made Old Timer knives available for purchase once again, giving people who missed out first time round to get their hands on one.

Old Timer Knives are seen as real classics in the pocket knife world. They are built for multi-purpose use, but crafted with high quality materials and craftsmanship. With so much history behind them they are often sought after by knife enthusiasts and casual knife owners alike.

Here is an overview detailing some of the best Old Timer Knives for Sale:

NameRatingPrice *Blade MaterialBlade Length# of BladesWeight
Schrade 8OT Old Timer Senior Pocket Knife4.5 star ratingunder $20400 Series Stainless Steel3.0″3 blades2.8 oz.
Taylor Cutlery Ltc 104OT Schrade Old Timer Minuteman 2-Blade Pocket Knife4.2 star ratingunder $20High Carbon Stainless Steel2″2 blades1.2 oz.
Schrade 3OT Uncle Henry 3″ Bearhead Lockback Pocket Knife4.3 star ratingunder $20400 Series Stainless Steel2.2″1 blade1.5 oz.
Schrade 44OT Old Timer Workmate 4 blade Folding Knife with Delrin Handle4.6 star ratingunder $20400 Series Stainless Steel2.2″4 blades1.8 oz.
Imperial Schrade 34OT 3-5/16-Inch 3-Blade Pocket Knife4.2 star ratingunder $20400 Series Stainless Steel2.4″3 blades1.8 oz.
Schrade S-OTHP Old Timer Horse Pick4.3 star ratingunder $20400 Series Stainless Steel3.1″2 blades3 oz.
Schrade IMP16S Imperial Stainless Steel 3 Blade Pocket Knife4.4 star ratingunder $10400 Series Stainless Steel2.5″3 blades1.9 oz.
Schrade 6OT Old Timer Golden Bear Lockback Knife with Nylon Sheath3.0 star ratingover $20400 Series Stainless Steel3.9″1 blade5.9 oz;
Schrade Old Timer Buzz Saw Trapper Knife/Saw 4/ 3/16″ Folding3.8 star ratingover $20400 Series Stainless Steel3.5″2 blades3.0 oz.
Schrade 280OT Old Timer Barlow Pocket Knife4.2 star ratingunder $20400 Series Stainless Steel2.4″2 blades2.6 oz.

* prices were recorded at the time of publishing

Choosing an Appropriate Knife for You

The beauty of the Old Timer range of pocket knives is that you have a wide range to choose from. There is something to suit everyone, so take the time to understand what you needs and requirements are from your pocket knife. For example, if you will be cutting tough or coarse materials like ropes often, choose an Old Timer knife with a serrated edged blade like the Buzz Saw Trapper knife. Or, maybe you like to travel light and you want a light knife, the 104OT Minuteman 2 blade pocket knife weighs in at only 1.2 oz.

All of the Old Timer Knives come with 400 series or high carbon stainless steel blades, so rust and corrosion is not going to be a worry. The second generation of Old Timer Knives that are now in production are still made with high quality materials, and utilize skilled craftsmanship. So, which ever knife you choose, you can rest assured you are buying into a quality brand to be proud of.