Gerber STL 2.0 Review

Product Name:Gerber STL 2.0
Brand:Gerber Gear
Type of Knife:EDC (Every Day Carry)
Blade Type:Drop Point
Blade Material:Stainless Steel
Blade Length:2.1″
Overall Length:5.1″
Closed Length:3.0″
Handle Material:Stainless Steel
Lock Type:Frame Lock
Weight:1 oz.
Warranty:Limited Lifetime Warranty

Gerber STL 2.0 Review

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Gerber STL 2.0

Gerber Gear considers the Gerber STL 2.0 an essential knife and has classified it as such. This category of knife is considered an essential part of any knife enthusiast’s collection. The Gerber STL has an open length of 5.1 inches and weighs 1 ounce. The Gerber is strong, thin and light, which is why they named it the STL.

This knife isn’t one that can perform heavy-duty tasks like cutting through thick rope or sawing through small tree limbs. The Gerber STL is a solid, thin knife that is perfect for discreet every day carry. There’s a small lanyard hole that can be used for carrying on a key chain. It’s tiny and thin enough for that kind of everyday carry.

The knife can be carried in a pair of dress pants or in a tiny purse, which makes the Gerber STL a blade perfect for events and fancy parties where a person can’t carry a heavy-duty knife but would feel naked without an EDC of some kind. the Gerber STL 2.0 Pocket Knife is a great choice.

The Blade

The Gerber STL 2.0′s blade is drop point and made of 440A stainless steel. It’s a fine edge knife with a length of 2.1 inches. In some areas, it’s illegal to carry a blade over a certain length, but the STL falls way below those guidelines.

The knife is covered with titanium coating, which give it a hard coat and the black color of the blade itself. The blade has a small nail notch hole for opening. The Gerber logo is etched into the top of the blade surface.

Some owners have mentioned that the blade isn’t as sharp out of the box as it should be while others reported a razor-sharp edge directly from the factory. When buying a knife, it’s always a good idea to check the sharpness level and adjust for the user’s comfort.

The Handle

The STL‘s handle is made of stainless steel like the blade and covered with a titanium PVD coating. The liner lock keeps the blade sturdy and locked in place when open while keeping the blade sheathed when closed.

On the back spine of the handle, there’s a squeeze button to unlock the blade from the open position. The handle is contoured with grooves for a non-slip grip. A few owners of the knife have reported that while the knife is small and not created for heavy tasks, in a pinch, the knife can complete the job of a large knife without breaking.

The handle has a frame lock that is unique to the Gerber brand. The frame allows the blade to snap into place providing a solid lock that won’t let the blade wobble or move when in use. The frame is so secure that the knife can feel like a fixed blade, not a folder.

The Pros

  • The steel provides a great edge.
  • Provides a sleek, compact everyday carry knife.
  • Perfect blade for unobtrusive carry.
  • Fits on a key chain.

The Cons

  • There’s no pocket clip.
  • The knife doesn’t open quickly sometimes, but oil can fix that.

Insider Tip

This knife can be carried on a key chain, which makes it a great knife for office workers or other professionals who can’t carry a large utility knife to work. There are times when a knife is needed for various tasks, and it can be inconvenient not to have a cutting implement handy. It can be slipped into a suit jacket or a small purse. It’s great for women who want a great knife for protection without them feeling like they have to carry a buck knife to be safe. It can make a great surprise gift for a wife, sister or girlfriend who is concerned about personal safety.

What’s the Verdict on the Gerber STL 2.0?

The Gerber STL lives up to its name. It’s a sturdy little knife that can be carried discreetly in a number of different places. It’s not going to replace a large utility knife, but it’s not meant to do that. The light knife is perfect for the job it’s intended to perform. It’s extremely thin, lightweight and easily carried on a key chain, in a pocket or in a purse. The STL is a perfect knife for gifting to family and friends too.

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