Gerber Fast Draw Fine Edge Knife Review


Product Name:Gerber Fast Draw Fine Edge Pocket Knife
Brand:Gerber Gear
Type of Knife:EDC (Every Day Carry)
Blade Type:Clip Point
Blade Material:High Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade Length:2.99″
Overall Length:7.13″
Closed Length:4.17″
Handle Material:Nylon
Lock Type:None
Weight:3.6 oz.
Warranty:FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY* (North America Only)

Gerber Fast Draw Fine Edge Knife Review

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Gerber Fast Draw Fine Edge Pocket Knife

The Gerber Fast Draw was the first knife made by Gerber with F.A.S.T draw technology. The Forward Action Spring Technology allows the Gerber Fast Draw to open with the use of dual thumb studs on the blade or with the sudden release switch on the handle. The new system mechanics were developed by Butch Vallotton especially for Gerber Gear.

The Gerber pocket knife has a full lifetime warranty for as long as the primary owner has the knife in his or her possession. The lifetime warranty covers owners in North America only. For years, Gerber Gear has been a company that cares about the quality and satisfaction of its customers.

The Gerber Fast Draw knife has an overall open length of 7.13 inches and weighs in at 3.6 ounces. It’s a compact everyday carry that can be used for a variety of tasks like cutting rope, opening boxes or as a makeshift screwdriver. The small size and quick release make it convenient for having in a pocket every single day without it being bulky in the pocket or weighing it down.

The Blade

The blade of the Gerber Fast Draw is a drop point blade of 2.99 inches. It’s a fine edge with a relief cut at the top, and it’s made of high carbon stainless steel. Knife blades made with stainless steel hold sharp edges because they are made with the same material as most surgical scalpels. The knife will hold an edge for a very long time, but when it finally needs sharpening, the edge is simple to renew.

Dual thumb studs on the blade work with assisted opening to easily allow a quick lock. With the flick of a thumb, the blade flies open almost as fast as an automatic knife, and stays strongly locked in an open position. The blade stays open during routine tasks, and the blade won’t close without clicking the release button located in the handle.

The Handle

The handle of the Gerber Fast Draw is 4.17 inches long and made of glass-filled nylon. It has criss-cross notches for a textured grip that won’t slip even if the user’s hands are wet. The edge is contoured for the fingers to grip it while cutting or slicing. The grip is very comfortable, which is important for long cutting projects. It has a silver clip that compliments the silver of the blade as well as the rivets on the handle of the knife

The handle has a small button used in conjunction with the F.A.S.T. draw assisted opening. The button can be used as a locking mechanism that will stop the knife from opening at an inconvenient time. A few people mention that there’s the possibility of the knife opening in a pocket, but the locking button makes that improbable if used correctly. The safety button has a red dot to alert the user that it’s locked tight and can’t deploy accidentally.

The Pros

  • The snap lock opening is as fast as an automatic knife.
  • The high-grade carbon steel makes for a sharp, razor-like edge.
  • The safety button works as a release and makes it almost impossible to open while in a pocket.

The Cons

  • The factory edge might need to be sharpened on arrival.
  • The knife can be hard to close one-handed, but not impossible.
  • The thumb stud opening can be a bit stiff before it’s loosened by use.

Insider Tip

In some areas of the country, there are limits to the size of a knife citizens are allowed to carry legally. The Gerber Fast Draw knife is 2.99 inches which makes it under the 3 inches required by law in those areas. It fits the Gerber Fast Draw perfectly. That’s a big consideration for many users face when purchasing a knife for everyday personal carry.

So What’s the Verdict on the Gerber Fast Draw Fine Edge Knife?

Overall, the Gerber F.A.S.T. Draw knife is perfect for everyday because it can be carried by almost anyone no matter what area of the country they reside. There’s a lifetime warranty in case of any problems with the knife. The assisted opening makes the knife super fast to deploy, and many users find that to be a feature that attracts them to the Gerber pocket knife.

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