Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife Review


Product Name:Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife
Brand:Buck Knives
Type of Knife:Hunter
Blade Type:Drop Point
Blade Material:Stainless Steel
Blade Length:3 1/8″
Overall Length:~
Closed Length:4 3/8″
Handle Material:Molded Plastic
Lock Type:Mid Lock
Weight:2.4 oz.
Warranty:4-Ever Lifetime Warranty

Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife Review

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Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife

Sometimes it just seems like most pocket knives are made with guys in mind. And maybe it’s true that the majority of pocket knife fanatics are men … but what about the women? Women want pocket knives too and some might even want them to look like they’re for girls! Introducing the Buck Bantam Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife … finally a great quality and a great LOOKING pocket knife for the girls!

Weighing in at a mere 2.4 ounces, sporting a 1 7/8 inches drop point blade made from Satin Finish 420HC Stainless Steel, this is a great pocket knife for those girls who want a more “girly” knife that still kicks ass! The main attraction of this knife for all the girls is the fact that it’s a quality piece of cutlery, and sports a handle made from Thermoplastic and is textured in Mossy Oak Blaze Pink Camo. This knife has a lot of detailed craftsmanship to it and is made in the USA with US and imported parts.

So what’s up with this pink handle? The contoured pink camo handle on this pocket knife makes it great for outdoor use and every day use as well. Whether you just want a stylish pocket knife to carry every day or plan on taking your daughter hunting for the first time, thispink camo pocket knife is just what you need. It also makes a great starter knife for kids. As for the size, it folds up nicely and will fit into your pocket leaving room to spare. It’s a bit larger than the BBW pocket knife but is definitely still light enough for your pocket.

This pockety knife is all around beautiful, has a feminine side, yet is reliable and will get the job done. One woman who carries one around says that it is small enough to fit inside her purse yet large enough to attract many comments when clipped to her belt. Definitely a conversation starter.

How about the quality? The Bantam BLW comes very sharp out of the box, has good balance when in use, it’s not too heavy, locks securely, and doesn’t have any left/right play in the blade when using it either. All signs of a fine knife. Oh yeah … and the blade stays sharp through quite a bit of use.

Here’s another benefit – looking to impress your teen daughters? You’ll be cool sporting this pink knife and your husband/boyfriend won’t be stealing it!

Bantam-BLW-Mossy-Oak-Pink-Camo-Pocket-Knife-bladeThe Blade

The blade on the Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife is 3 1/8 inches long and is crafted from satin finish 420HC Stainless Steel. Although this type of steel isn’t the hardest you’ll find on pocket knives, it’s hard enough to hold an edge through a lot of usage yet soft enough to sharpen. The harder the blade steel is, the harder it is to sharpen. Buck uses 420HC stainless steel to get the best of both worlds and uses a great heat treating procedure to make their blades as strong as possible.

When using this pocket knife, the blade is nice and solid without any left to right play which makes it an excellent hunting knife. The locking mechanism on the knife is solid and as for sharpness out of the box, you won’t find any issues there. A few people have mentioned in their reviews that their knife was a little tight when they got it but after opening it and closing it a bunch of times, it got easier. Not a huge issue.

Bantam-BLW-Mossy-Oak-Pink-Camo-Pocket-Knife-handleThe Handle

It’s all about the handle on the Bantam Pink Camo Pocket Knife. That’s what sets it apart as a pocket knife for women and girls. (Not that any men wouldn’t want one too though!) The  handle is made out of thermoplastic and is textured with Mossy Oak Blaze Pink Camo. Essentially that means it has a textured surface made for extra grip which makes it a great hunting knife, great in the woods and wet conditions, as well as an excellent EDC (every day carry) pocket knife. There are ridges in the handle near the base of the blade which provide a good grip when adding pressure there with your thumb during use.

As for a carrying system, this pocket knife comes with a lanyard hole and a stainless steel belt/pocket/boot clip so you have a few different options for carrying it around, other than in your pocket, bag, or purse. The clip is very tight so you won’t lose the knife if carrying it around that way.

The handle has a mid lock locking system that is housed within the handle, which locks the blade open when in use but doesn’t lock the blade in its closed position. The knife stays closed very well though so there are no worries when it comes to safety when not in use.

Overall this pocket knife handle has a good feel and should hold up pretty well under adverse conditions. Even people with small hands have no trouble holding and using this knife and say they don”t get the feeling of it slipping at all.

The Pros

  • Textured, contoured, ridged handle makes it great for outdoors and wet conditions usage
  • It locks safely and securely in place when open for safety.
  • It’s a great pocket knife for women and girls who want a more “girly” knife
  • The pocket/boot/belt clip is tight and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced nicely
  • Doesn’t have side to side play in the blade when open
  • Comes very sharp right out of the box
  • Keeps an edge for a long time
  • Easily sharpened
  • It comes in adorable pink!
  • You don’t have to worry about the men in your life commandeering it!

The Cons

Well, it was hard to come up with any cons for this knife! But if I had to say something, here are a few things that people have said about it …

  • A little tight when you first get it but eases up with use
  • It can be hard to close. You might have to use both hands if the locking bar is too hard to press with one hand.
  • The handle is made of plastic and feels “plasticky” to some people (is that even a word?), but doesn’t feel cheap

So what’s the verdict on the Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife?

The verdict is in … GUILTY!! Guilty of being a great all-around pocket knife that is “girly” and still holds up under pressure to get the job done. The Bantam BLW Mossy Oak Pink Camo Pocket Knife is great for carrying around with you every day, using while camping, fishing, hunting, or in any other outdoor hobbies. Even those of you who are critical of knives will find it hard to talk down upon. This knife is definitely well worth the price and I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends … the girls that is.

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