02864 Case Mini CopperLock Review


Product Name:02864 Mini CopperLock Pocket Knife
Brand:Case Cutlery
Type of Knife:EDC (Every Day Carry)
Blade Type:Clip Point
Blade Material:Stainless Steel
Blade Length:2 3/4″
Overall Length:~
Closed Length:3 5/8″
Handle Material:Bone
Lock Type:Mid Lock
Weight:2 oz.
Warranty:Limited Lifetime

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02864 Mini CopperLock Pocket Knife

If you are searching for the perfect gentleman’s pocket knife, then look no further than the Case Mini CopperLock folding knife. Made right here in the USA, this pocket knife will slide effortlessly down into your pocket where it’s barely noticeable, until the moment you need it when you slide it out of your pocket, smoothly slide the mirror polished 2 3/4″ clip point blade into position, and slice through the task at hand with style and ease. Before you know it, with a bit of controlled pressure on the lock back locking mechanism, the blade slides back into the handle and back down into your pocket leaving observers impressed.

That’s the Mini CopperLock. A Gentleman’s knife.

Case-Cutlery-Mini-CopperLock-bladeThe Blade

Protruding from the blue bone handle on the Case Mini CopperLock is a 2 3/4 inch clip point blade. This blade has been mirror polished to bring out the absolute best in the Tru-Sharp surgical steel. The blade comes very sharp right out of the box and if you hone in the blade even more, you’ll have a razor sharp knife that will get the job done with ease at your disposal. The steel is hard enough to hold an edge pretty well yet just soft enough to sharpen it easily. You won’t have to sharpen your CopperLock all the time but we recommend keeping it regularly honed.


Case-Cutlery-Mini-CopperLock-handleThe Handle

The handle is one of the things that makes this classy pocket knife so special. This particular model has a genuine jigged blue bone handle that’s held together by nickel silver bolsters. Housed inside of the bone handle is the lockback locking mechanism that keeps the blade from closing during use. The blade folds down into the handle and stays there tightly. The bone handle on the Case Mini CopperLock also comes in a variety of colors, so even if blue’s not your color, there’s more choices.


 Case Mini Copperlock Video Review

The Pros

This part was easy. There’s only pros to this pocket knife, so here goes.

  • Fits great in your pocket
  • Extremely sharp right out of the box
  • Stays sharp well
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Smooth deployment
  • Many colors available

The Cons

I tried to come up some, I really did but I just couldn’t. You could say that this pocket knife is not for everybody, but I can’t find a thing wrong with it.

About W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery

Case & Sons has been crafting quality cutlery for over a century. The company was started in 1889, and has continued to build high quality pocket knives right here in the US. The company currently operates out of Bradford Pennsylvania, where it has been headquartered for a long time. Case uses only the finest raw materials and has many time tested techniques in their arsenal, and their skilled craftsmen hand make many of the classics that made Case who they are today.

So What’s the Verdict on the Case Mini CopperLock?

If you are looking for a gentleman’s pocket knife, this American beauty is just what you need. I recently read a review from one of our great servicemen, and he said that he carries one every day on active duty, and it’s built with quality and is the most beautiful knife he owns. Although his fellow servicemen carry all sorts of fancy tactical blades, he said often they still find themselves coming to him asking to borrow his CopperLock pocket knife.

The Case Mini CopperLock is a perfect example of form and function within a pocket knife. It’s classy, reliable, and a true classic. It deserves a place in every knife collector’s collection.

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