Buck 505 Knight Lockback Folding Knife Review

Product Name:Buck 505 Knight Lockback Folding Knife
Brand:Buck Knives
Type of Knife:Folding Hunting Knife
Knife Style:Hunter
Blade Type:Drop Point
Blade Material:Stainless Steel
Blade Length:1 7/8"
Overall Length:~
Closed Length:2 3/4"
Handle Material:Wood
Lock Type:Lockback
Weight:1.5 oz.
Warranty:4-Ever Lifetime Warranty
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Buck 505 Knight Lockback Folding Knife

If you are looking for a nice small gentleman’s pocket knife that is made in the USA, the Buck505 Knight might be just what you’re looking for. With its slimline design and classic look, it makes for a great EDC (Every Day Carry) pocket knife, especially since it only weighs 1.5 ounces. This knife is the smallest knife in the Buck 500 series, and is great for lightweight usage. If you’re looking for a medium or heavy duty pocket knife, this isn’t your knife. If you are looking for a small EDC then read on!

Buck-505-Knight-BladeThe Blade

The drop point blade on the Buck 505 pocket knife checks in at 1 7/8 inches long and is made from 420HC stainless steel. This type of steel is not the hardest steel available, but Buck is known for using a great heat treatment and uses high quality 420HC steel. Although this type of steel is not the hardest steel and therefore does not hold an edge as long as possible, it makes for a blade is very resistant to corrosion, holds an edge fairly well, and is easily sharpened.


Buck-505-Knight-handleThe Handle

The handle on the Buck 505 is made from treated birchwood panels and is held together by nickle silver bolsters. The length of the knife when folded is 2.75 inches, which makes it hardly noticeable in your pocket and a great small EDC knife. The handle sports a lockback locking mechanism, adding a measure of safety while you using the knife. Some people say that they notice the blade does not close as well after the knife has seen a lot of use, but I’ve used a Buck 505 since I was a kid and I’ve never had a problem with mine.

The Pros

  • Very sharp right out of the box
  • Buck’s 4-Ever Lifetime Warranty
  • The blade stays sharp for a long time
  • Easily sharpened
  • It has a lockback locking mechanism for safety when in use
  • The knife is decently durable, can handle a lot of use
  • Great for small uses

The Cons

  • Some people say they experience a bit of left & right play in the blade.
  • Some people also say that the opening and closing of the knife is not as smooth as it could be, but a bit of oil and a lot of opening and closing of the blade can take care of this
  • No sheath comes with the Buck 505 like most Buck knives
  • After a lot of use, the handle sometimes acquires a slight yellowish tint
  • Only good for small uses due to its size

So what’s the verdict on the Buck 505 Knight Lockback Pocket Knife?

If you’re looking for a small every day pocket knife, the Buck 505 Knight would be a great choice in this price range. It can slice through paper with ease right out of the box, retains an edge decently well, and is easily sharpened. With proper care, it could be a knife that you will hand down to a special new owner some day. With its classic look and sharp little blade, it will get the job done for you – at least the small jobs!

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  • David Price says:

    I have a Buck Knight model 505 that I have carried for over 40 years. However mine does not have wood or bone handles. The handles are ‘Micarta’ in a deep burgundy color. Great little knife that is my “Sunday go to meetin’ ” knife.
    The blade is marked: Buck
    The B in Buck appears to be old English script. Not the B as seen on more modern versions.
    David Price

    • daveknife says:

      Sounds like you got a great little knife there David! I haven’t seen one before with the old English script “B”. Pretty cool!

  • Richard Kane says:

    I have a Buck 505 locking blade pocket knife.. After the #505 there is a symbol which looks like a backwards letter C, What does that mean?

    Thanks, Richard

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