Website: www.spyderco.com

Spyderco pocket knives are of a different breed than the traditional knives. Some call them peculiar … some call them strange … some call them “out there” … What does Spyderco say to this? All true. Spyderco likes to break tradition and has introduced some solid developments in the pocket knife crafting industry such as a serrated folding knife, a clip that attaches to your pocket, and one hand opening. SPyderco pushes the limits and you can’t go wrong with one of their pocket knives if you like their style … and they got a lot of style!

In 1976 the very first Spyderco product was unleashed on the world … the “Portable Hand”. This device was spider shaped, giving the company its name, was a device consisting of ball joints, alligator clips, and angles that was meant to help jewelers and such work with small parts. After creating this Portable Hand, Sal Glesser and his wife Gail traveled around to shows in their converted bread delivery truck promoting their new tool and eventually settles down in Golden Colorado in 1978.

In 1978 Sal started producing knife sharpeners first, and then went on to craft the company’s first folding pocket knife in 1981, the Co1 Worker. This knife was designed with a round hole in the blade which allowed the person holding the knife to open it quickly and efficiently using only one hand. Many believe that this was also the first folding knife to feature a clip on the side to attach it to your belt or pants.

Spyderco’s Knife Production

Spyderco mostly produces folding pocket knives of various shapes, sizes, and styles, but does produce the occasional fixed blade knife as well. The company also uses many different blade materials, handle materials, and locking mechanisms, two of which are patented and unique to the company.

Spyderco knife blades are generally one of three styles: a plain edge, a partially serrated edge, or a fully serrated edge they call the “Spyder Edge”. As for handle material, the most common materials the company uses are Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon, and G10. The company does use other handle materials on occasion such as steel.

Much of the Spyderco knife production is outsourced to foreign countries, so if you are looking for American made only … you’ll need to find an older Spyderco knife build with CPM S30 Steel right there in Golden Colorado. Make sure it is older though because the company has recently been shipping this steel to Taiwan to have the blades produced there.

Spyderco Steel

Over the years, Spyderco has used a large variety of steels in the production o their pocket knives. They were the first to use  H-1 steel in a folding knife. Some of the other types of steel the company uses are 52100, H-1, MBS-26, VG-10, 154CM, and CPM S30V steel among many others. There are many others but I don’t see a reason to just list them all here when you could be checking out the Spyderco knives below!

So Why a Spyderco?

It’s said that a long time ago somebody told Sal Glessler “You must design in the dark because your knives look so strange.” Well when you take a look at some of the Spyderco folding knives, I think you will agree. The company runs a million dollar testing facility where they can test things such as edge retention, how much force it takes to open a knife, and look for rust development and ways to prevent it. And that only scratches the surface …

Simply put, Spyderco pocket knives are simple, reliable, and functional. Their unique knives are loved by law enforcement professionals, firemen, rescue professionals, and people like you. If you’re looking for a modern functional folding knife … get a Spyderco. When a person buys a Spyderco, they are buying a high-quality reliable cutting tool that was designed and crafted for the best performance and ergonomic comfort in your hand.

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