Gerber Gear

Gerber Gear


Gerber Legendary Blades (Gerber Gear) have been providing unstoppable innovation and dedication when it comes to folding knives. They are master crafters of folding knives and multi-tools. Gerber’s products are designed and manufactured to be lifesaving, problem solving pieces of reliable equipment.

Simply put, they are much much more than just a blade.

Company History

Way back in 1910 the Gerber family started their advertising firm. That’s right, an advertising firm. The family gave out 24 sets of handmade kitchen knives to their clients and before they knew it they had requests for more knives … and Gerber Legendary Blades was born. Gerber Legendary Blades was founded in 1939, 29 years after they started giving away their hand crafted kitchen knives. In 1966 the company moved to the Portland Oregon area and has been there ever since, even though in 1987 the company was bought by a Finnish company called Fiskars. Over the next 20 years, the company had provided over 300 jobs and saw revenues near $100,000,000. Many of the Gerber folding knives are manufactured in the U.S. based facility, but much of it is outsourced overseas as well.

Gerber is an American company with a worldwide reach and global customer base. Gerber knives are geared towards hunters, tradesmen, soldiers, law enforcement professionals, and survivalists.

Gerber Teams Up with Top Knife Designers

Over the years Gerber has teamed up with various top knife designers to produce some of the best cutlery in the world when it comes to folding bhlades, multi tools, and and tactical blades. Some of the designers they’ve teamed up with are Paul Poehlmann, Bob Loveless, Blackie Collins, Fred Carter, Matt Larsen, and many more.

Gerber Legendary Blades has also teamed up with T.V. star Bear Grylls to design and produce a line of survival knives and tools that are extremely popular today.

So if you’re looking for a high quality trustworthy blade or multi-tool, a Gerber might be just right for you. But remember, if you’re looking to buy American Made only … choose your Gerber blade wisely! Check out the most popular Gerber knives below!

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