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Buck Knives

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Every Buck Knife has over 100 years of experience and craftsmanship crafted into it. Made with the best materials and state-of-the-art technology, Buck Knives are of the highest quality and they fully stand behind each and every knife with their 4-Ever Warranty.

Company History

In 1902, the first Buck Knife was forged in the hands of a young blacksmith named Hoyt Buck. Young Hoyt had developed his own unique way of tempering the steel in various tools that he had lying around so they would hold their edge longer. Hoyt made each of his knives by hand using worn out files. After WWII, Hoyt and his son moved to San Diego in 1947 and set up their knife shop under the name H.H. Buck & Son. Hoyt Buck made about 25 knives each week by hand until he sadly passed away in 1949. The company resumed making knives in 1950 but at a much larger scale and started marketing to knife dealers instead of direct mail to knife consumers.

Creating an Icon – The Model 110

Buck Knives are credited with producing the first folding hunting knife and making it so popular that people now call any folding/locking hunting knife a “Buck Knife”, even knives made by other brands.

The date was April 18, 1963. H.H. Buck had been incorporated for just 2 years when the company started developing a new folding hunting knife. This revolutionary new knife had a sturdy locking mechanism and a very sturdy clip point blade that was meant for skinning and processing large game. This knife would go on to become the Model 110 and world famous.

The Buck Model 110 sports a 3 3/4″ blade and a high tension lock with a low pressure release. The handle is made out of wood and the bolsters are made from brass. This knife became famous for being the first folding blade knife that was still strong enough to handle the workload of your typical fixed blade knife. After this knife was released to the public, it quickly became one of the most popular knives ever produced and has sold over 15 million knives since 1964. The knife has been crafted with a few different blade materials over the years such as 440C heat treated steel pre 1981, 425M between 1981 and 1992, and 420HC stainless steel after 1993.

Buck Knives in Recent Years

The Model 110 is not the only large scale success that the Buck Knives company has experienced. In 1984 the company produces a hollow handle survival knife with a 7.5″ blade. The blade also had a serrated spine and prongs so that the knife could double as a grappling hook. This knife went on to be called the “Buckmaster” and the marketing was aimed at fans of the movie Rambo and military personnel.

After the Buckmaster, came the M9 Bayonet which was produced for the U.S. Army and the very first order of knives was for over 315,000!

The third popular knife that Buck produced was the Nighthawk. The Nighthawk was a fixed blade knife with a 6.5″ blade and a handle made from Zytel.

Fast forward to 2000 and Buck made a huge change in their business. Due to an ever increasing demand from the major pocket knife retailers for Buck to lower their prices, teh company opened a manufacturing plant in China. Most of these knives that come from the China plant are sold through the mass retailers, not in sporting goods and knife stores so much. These types of stores prefer to stick with the more expensive quality U.S made knives.

If you want a great quality Buck Knife … make sure that you buy one that is made in the U.S.!